Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Got Bread?

Every other Wednesday, we trek down to the Orowheat/Entemann's outlet down on Clovis Ave. If you are a Fresno/Clovis local and have not been there, go now! They have a punch card that they stamp for every dollar that you spend - when the punch card is full, you get to choose 2 items in the store for free. Wednesdays are double punch days - twice the stamps for what you spend. And, if you bring your own bag they give you $5 worth of stamps as well. AND, if you spend $7, you get another free item from the rack up front. Today I redeemed a full punch card - so, here's a picture of today's haul:

2 loaves of wheat bread, 2 packages of mini sandwich thins (the girls really like when I make their sandwiches on these), 1 package of regular sandwich thins, 2 packages of Thomas English muffins and 1 package of bagels.

Total spent: $8.36 to find space in my freezer...
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  1. I'm still too scared to freeze bread! I'm always afraid it will end up soggy...

  2. Nice! We used to go all the time in Kansas to the Sara Lee outlet and get good buys. We should really get back into the habit to get those good deals.

  3. Michelle, I freeze bread all the time and that is never an issue for me. Has that happened to you before or just a fear?

  4. It’s just a fear. I don’t know how to defrost it right, and I have a phobia of soggy bread. Also, I have kept bread in the fridge before and when I use it, it tastes like fridge. I don’t want my bread to taste like freezer. Plus, I was at my in-laws one time and we used hot dog buns that were in the freezer. Come to find out there was mold on them and that image has stuck with me. See, I have issues! I need help!