Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I just discovered Pinterest.  If you haven't yet...proceed with caution.  I avoided it as long as possible because people kept talking about how addicting it is.  They were right.  But it has also reignited a flame within me for all things homey.  I've been cooking more because I've seen so many new recipes on there that I want to try.  I've been crafting more because they have so many fun ideas!  So, I urge you to check it out - but just know that it will suck you in!!  ;-)

Monday I tried a recipe I found for homemade calzone.  Calzone is like pizza but it's all wrapped up kind of like a giant burrito.  The recipe looked easy and my kids love pizza so we tried it.  It was great!  I bought a refrigerated pizza crust in a tube (Pillsbury) but you can also make your own - she provides a link to a recipe.  Very very yummy, and EASY!

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