Monday, September 21, 2009

Menus 9/21 - 9/25

I want to share something I learned last week: I was comparing prices on rice at Winco and found that the bulk rice is cheaper than the bagged rice - only by a few cents - but every cent counts, right? I also learned that "converted" rice is the way to go! I have always wondered how restaurants get their rice to be smooth and's converted rice! I love it!

Ok, on with this week's menus. I'm trying really hard to try things that I wouldn't normally - or to at least try new things instead of making the same stuff over and over.

Monday, 9/21: Chicken with Polenta

This is from the Southern Living Top Rated cookbook. There are a few adjustments I'll be making to the recipe - I'll post my review later!

Tuesday, 9/22: Honey Garlic Pork Tenderloin

Once again, from SL Top Rated - I love that cookbook!

Wednesday, 9/23: Gringo Tamale Pie

Ok - I was going to make this several weeks ago and I never got around to it because I didn't have any corn meal like I thought I did! So I have corn meal in hand and we're gonna give it a shot now! Go here for the recipe.

Thursday, 9/24: Sausage and Mashed Potato Casserole

Haylie loved that sausage so much last week so I wanted to do another sausage recipe. So this is what my search turned up:

Friday, 9/25: You guessed it, Tri-tip!!

Tri-tip Friday. Gotta' love it.

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